Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pure Food & Wine

Name: Pure Food & Wine
Address: 54 Irving Place
Email: N/A
Phone: 212-477-1010
Inquiry Date: 8/31/05
Terms Used: "fresh" "seasonal" "organic" raw" "vegan"
Menu Item(s): Vegan Raw Vegetarian
Classification: 70% Organic (most of the dried ingredients)
Distributors: A&J, Alberts, Ace
Non-Organic Distributors: Restaurant refused to reveal this information
Source: Chef
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Peter Luger Steak House

Name: Peter Luger Steak House
Address: 178 Broadway Brooklyn,New York 11211
Email: N/A
Phone: 718-387-7400
Inquiry Date: 8/30/05
Menu Item(s): USDA PRIME Dry aged Porterhouse
*Distributor: IBP Tyson
Source: Mirtha (office)
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*Peter Luger may use additional meat distributors.

Sparks Steak House

Name: Sparks Steak House
Address: 210 E 46th St, New York 10017
Email: N/A
Phone: 212-687-4855
Inquiry Date: 8/30/05
Terms Used: "Melt in your mouth" "Prime" "dazzling"
Menu Item(s): Aged Sirloin Steak
Distributor: IBP Tyson
Source: Guido (Chef)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Name: Starwich
Address: Locations across Manhattan
Phone #: 1-866-WITCH-TO-GO
Inquiry Date: 8/25/05
Terms Used: "fresh" "choice" "organic"
Menu Item(s): Filet Mignon, Short Ribs
Distributor: IBP Tyson Foods
Menu Item(s): Chicken breast
Distributor: Perdue
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Dining Out Just Got Smarter

Everywhere you look these days, NYC restaurants are throwing around terms like "natural" and "organic" but many of these establishments offer few specifics behind these terms. Have you ever wondered where your favorite New York City restaurant is purchasing the beef in that burger or that soy in that veggie dog? My mission here is to unravel the mystery behind the meat and potatoes with a real-time detailed listing matching restaurants with their ingredient sources. New Yorkers dine out and order in more than anyone on the planet. Isn't about time you knew what you were really eating?